Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Town New Start

OK, it's not really a new town but this is the first time in oh...hold on, counting......12 or 13 years that I have lived here full-time and as an adult (most importantly). Working a temp job thanks to connections I have here but am eager to find permanent full-time work that will help me work toward licensure and re-gain some independence. I have a feeling it won't take long. Then again, I had that feeling in May and it has yet to happen.

Still not worried, maybe I should be but i'm not. The dog is tickled pink to be part of a pack even if it is temporarily.

Miss my hills and the great summer weather they hold. Sacrifices sacrifices. Still slightly frustrated with blogging and consciously avoiding it at times. Uh, ok, most of the time. But i'm here now so that counts and here is a pretty picture for your viewing pleasure. Took it on my second to last day in the mtns.

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