Sunday, August 15, 2010

Insert something meaningful here...

hmm, this is subjectively meaningful though I guess everything is.

Just read on CNN (which I feel is getting closer and closer the the likes of Fox news every day) that the "Craigslist Killer" committed suicide!

I know this is quite a morbid subject but I have always been fascinated by serial killers. I am not sure if this guy can technically be classified as a serial killer but it seems that if he were not caught he would have continued and then would have most definitely fit the definition. I can't say that I feel sad about this man's suicide but I am empathetic for his family and friends. I don't really look at situations like this one with disgust or anger. I like to learn more about the person's upbringing, patterns, social/family life, etc. I am more interested than anything. Some may think that is weird but this is what I love.

I am a therapist though I don't work with adult offenders and needless to say I don't work with serial killers. But how cool would that be?!! Criminal profiling, forensic
So suicide huh? Some may say "good riddance" "it's a sign of guilt" or something of that nature. I think "I wonder what was going on in his head?". Was it guilt? Was it sadness? Or was it fear of punishment? I think depending on where he fell on the spectrum of personalities it could be one or all (or more) of those things.

A true narcissist wouldn't necessarily commit suicide if caught. Neither would a psychopath (aka sociopath). Not that it is out of the question, but based on my knowledge, I would say that would not be the first route for those types of people.
What I know of this story is that this man's behaviors were very unexpected to the people who knew and loved him. That indicates that there was a part of him that was able to function well interpersonally. So why did this other side win out?

That's what intrigues me. If we all have different parts to our whole selves then what determines which side(s) will dominate? The obvious answer is nature/nurture. Yeah, I agree but there are times when patterns of human behavior cannot always be explained nature/nurture. No, i'm not insinuating there is some mystical force behind this. I'm just trying to point out that human behavior is NOT a straight line and predicting/explaining what may or already has happened requires flexibility and an open mind.

Food for thought.

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