Sunday, July 11, 2010

You know, I was all gung-ho about this blog thing in the recent past. I have put a lot of effort into making it pretty, posting stuff of interest that does not directly connect to my shop, and following other blogs. Alas, I am not getting much blog love (followers, comments, etc) and this is eating away at my motivation to keep the energy flowing to Yes, this is a little bit of a bitch session but I think it's allowed because I don't do it often, if ever, and am not targeting anyone, simply voicing personal frustration.

I'm also in the process of moving which has put a slow down on listings and finding items to list. Got some great vintage jewelry recently but left it at a family member's house I was visiting. I will get the jewelry back but not for a few weeks

June was by far my most successful month for sales and Etsy acknowledgments and it felt great. I am very thankful for that, guess it's hard to watch the momentum slow and not be able to get back up just yet.

Ok, guess that's it for now. Here's a pretty picture I took recently to erase the negativity I brought onto the page with the above words:

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